Thousands of publishers
get nothing

We believe that mobile monetization is evolving slowly. The only real solution for most of publishers is in-app ads. And even this solution has a lot of ifs and buts - one major corporation dictates the rules how to do ads and when. Of course, they have the right to do it, but it doesn’t make the life of publishers easier, right? Only very few AAA players get something decent from advertising.


Excessive ads kill
app store ratings

Ad revenues are highly dependent on app usage time and user retention. The more users utilize an app-the more ads appear, the more irritated users get and,finally,the lower rating they give in Google Play,dragging an app down the charts and killing all the traffic. Vicious circle! Only official 3rd party app stores generate 50% of total revenue! Plus, hundreds of unofficial sources. Why not to monetize them better?


Ads formats are not progressing

Right now we are left with Interstitials, Videos and Banners, only in very specific places, and the list of those places gets shorter and shorter. Yes, Native ads is something relatively new, but it needs a skillful customization for each separate app. So, what next? Some super-new life-saving ad format or revolutionary monetization strategy?


Apps get stolen

Many of apps and games on the market are actually masterpieces and deserve their place in the history and their developers - a reward. But, unfortunately, researches show that 80-90% of those apps get stolen, hacked, cracked, injected with 3rd party ads, crypto miners, malware, adware and who knows what else. Obfuscation tools might be a solution, but they are pricy and complicated.


We might make things a bit better

To keep this wobbly balance between tolerable user experience and decent ad revenues for publishers, we invented a smart trigger-based system, which serves additional ads without compromising app rating on Google Play and abusing users. Moreover,it protects apps from injections and other nasty stuff,as well as prevents its own SDK from being removed. Basically, it's an advertising swiss army knife and bulletproof vest from any external factors.

Our trigger-based
ad formats

Ad on app launch
Ad when a user returns from “Recent apps” tab
Ad on hardware "back" button press
Ad on any set time period
Ad on device unlock if app is open


One-click SDK

Since our ad solution doesn’t require a fine tuning, e.g. adding ads between game levels, we developed a tool, which allows you to add our SDK in your APK file in seconds. It can’t be any faster and easier.

100% APK

Our proprietary obfuscation mechanism guarantees protection from interfering, decompiling or injecting anything in your apps. Yes, we know, this normally costs a lot and its integration is complicated, but we’d like to keep things simple. At least for our partners.

Protection from SDK

You can be sure, that our SDK won't be removed from your app and replaced with something else. We guarantee you, that your app will be generating ad revenue for you only, and no one else. Just publish it and start counting the revenue, wherever your app ends up in the world wide web.

ad serving system

You can add banners on app launch, app unlock, on returning to app, pressing"back" button or simply on any specific time interval you wish. And yes, you can combine all of those ads in any way you like - choose ad options that are most suitable for your app.


That's our focus. No need in changing your monetizing strategy. Generate additional advertising revenue stream only when, where and how you want it. You don't even need anything but your APK file to get started - as simple as it is.


Our ad patterns and revenue level don't differ much from any another ad solution, e.g. if you were using some other mediation network! We cooperate with the best performing ad networks on the market, so you can be sure, that you will get the best of it, even if you focus on our ad solution as a main monetization tool.

Different ads behavior
for 3rd party users

If needed, our SDK can figure Google Play users automatically and don’t show ads to them. Your app got noticed on the web and gets tons of installs from there? Why not to monetize it? Just make a specific ads template for non-Google Play traffic and those ads will be shown automatically for all third-party installs. One APK file for all channels.

Remote control
over ads

Do you plan to skyrocket your app the top of charts and you want your users to be happy with no-ads app? Just activate them when you see fit, no need in compromising user without compromising user experience. Also you can set any ad delay you want – a minute after install or days.


We serve the best performing ads from the biggest ad networks on the market, choosing the perfect blend of interstitials, video and other fullscreen ads that generate the maximum revenue for your specific traffic and geo. You don't have to worry about CPM and fill rates, we'll do it for you.

Advanced reporting
and tracking

Our system automatically detects several parameters, invaluable for any private developer or marketing specialist. Specifically,so far it tracks Google Play installs, Non-Google Play installs, hacked installs/attempts. Some additional metricks are also in development.

Referral system 5%
and more

We consider that we might be useful not only to publishers, but to anyone who is connected with Android traffic and monetization solutions. That’s why we are offering a flexible referral system, expecting to have a large number of partners from various verticals and niches.

Full Google Play

We show ads only when and where the big G says. Also you can deactive all ads for Google Play traffic at all if your app is already balanced with ads and you don't want to abuse your users more than needed.

Our partners